Glowcountry Adventure 2 Hour Challenge


Our Glowcountry Adventure brings you 6 amazing courses that range from easy to hard. We will have glow-sticks for all participants, colorful lighting to make your adventure even more incredible, and we’ll be cranking up the music to create a truly memorable adventure for the whole family!


You will guide yourself, harnessed & helmeted, through the different challenge activities, climbing with confidence in a relaxed environment, and hooked on your cable the entire time.

On many activities you will:

  • Cross swinging bridges, swaying tunnels, logs & bridges
  • Jump thru hoops & nets
  • Climb many invigorating obstacles, including military walls

The courses are self-guided, with one challenge activity following the next and staff members along the way to help you and answer any questions. You will be wearing a harness and helmet at all times and are able to go at your own pace. Courses are categorized by difficulty level, including:

  • Green: easy and kid-friendly, with activities 12 feet above ground
  • Blue: intermediate and challenging, with activities 24 feet above ground
  • Single Black: tough and for the expert, with activities 36 feet above ground

Advance purchase is required. We tend to sell out quickly!

Participant Requirements

  • Age restriction is based on course. All participants must meet age, height, and weight requirements to participate on the different challenge courses, according to their level of difficulty.
  • All participants must be 5 years of ages and below 265 pounds in weight.
  • All participants must be 42 inches tall
  • Participants must be above 48 inches tall to participate without an adult escort

    • Minors aged 5-6 may only traverse on our two Green Courses and MUST be escorted by a paying adult (1 adult per 1 child)
    • Minors aged 7-9 may traverse the Green Courses and Blue Courses but MUST be escorted by a paying adult (1 adult per 2 children)
    • Minors aged 10-13 may traverse the Blue Courses but MUST be supervised by an adult who is remaining on the property. 10-13 year olds can traverse the Single Black Diamond Course but MUST be escorted by a paying adult (1 adult per 2 children).
    • Minors aged 14-15 may traverse the Single Black Diamond Course but MUST be supervised by an adult who is remaining on the property.
    • Ages 16+ are free to traverse all our courses without an adult escort, but anyone under 18 must be signed for by an adult who is responsible for the participant for the duration of the adventure.


  • All adult escorts are charged as paying participants and have access to all 6 of our routes during their adventure.
  • All participants should be in good health, prepared to actively participate and able to follow guides instructions.
  • Participants must not be wearing a cast or splint.
  • You cannot participate if you are pregnant, have existing injuries, have a known medical condition requiring constant medical attention or have physical or mental limitations that prohibit you from participating.
  • Participants must not be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.
  • Sneakers or hiking shoes are required. Slip-ons, flip-flops, sandals, water shoes, Keens, Tevas, Tom’s, Sperry’s, Loafers, Crocs, clogs, and toe-shoes are not allowed. Shoes must have laces or Velcro.
  • Hats and visors are not permitted. Longer hair should be bound back for safety.
  • Long shorts and yoga pants are recommended. Skirts, dresses, and bathing suits are not permitted.
  • Timeslots and tickets are reserved only for the individual signing the participation agreement as a participant. Tickets are non-transferable after the start time of the adventure.
  • Aerial Adventure Hilton Head operates rain or shine so we recommend dressing for the weather!
  • Aerial Adventure Staff reserves the right to remove anyone from the Aerial Park who is unable or unwilling to perform all safety tasks independently, or who is in breach of the safety rules.

Read our Aerial Adventure Frequently Asked Questions.