Corporate & Group Events


ZipLine Canopy Tour Fun Day

Includes a 2-hour eco-tour, where we fly high on eight interconnected ziplines and traverse two swinging sky bridges. We begin at ground school where all participants are trained by our experienced Zipline Tour Guides before taking even one step towards the sky.  We climb higher, faster, and further with every zip, ending in a head to head racing zip where partners ride down our dual cables side-by-side reaching speeds up to 40 mph. We are able to take up to 8 clients per tour and would be able to begin groups’ tours 15 minutes apart to accommodate all participants.

Aerial Adventure Fun Day

Includes an obstacle course in the sky comprised of over 50 different in-the-air challenge activities. Participants have 2 hours to navigate their way through up to 6 challenge courses of varying skill level, ranging from the easy “green” courses to the expert “double black diamond” course.  Participants will challenge their strength, balance, and fears, while traversing these courses. We find that this is a wonderful chance for participants to encourage one another and work on communication skills. We are able to accommodate up to 60 participants at once on the Aerial Adventure Challenge Course.


  • Special pricing is available if a group purchases two or more activities.
  • Corporate and group events require 2 weeks advance notice in scheduling and a 50% deposit at time of booking.
  • All participants must meet age, weight, clothing, and physical and mental ability requirements listed on and Please review our requirements and FAQs prior to booking.
  • Corporate events and pricing cannot be booked during the months of June, July and August. 


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